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Email newsletters provide a variety of benefits to chiropractic clinics. By interacting with readers regularly you can build trust, gain recognition and increase your client base.


Connect with clients

Keep in touch regularly and you will be remembered outside of the clinic.

Increase your credibility

Become a trusted source that delivers valuable, relevant information consistently.

Low risk & high reward

Targets people already interested in your services, at a relatively low cost.

Customised content

Clients are more receptive when content reflects their interest in your services.

Build long-term relationships

Keeping the clients you worked hard to gain is easier than finding new ones.

Generate more leads

Every subscriber on your mailing list is already interested in your services.

Why are email newsletters important?

Emailing your clients is a great way to stay in touch, get patients back into your clinic, and attract more referrals.

What's included?

High Quality  Images

Unique Design & Your Branding

Evidence-based Content

Ready to Send Format

Mobile-friendly Design


Unique Design

With your logo, colours and branding,   the newsletter is uniquely yours -  consistent with your visual identity.

Easy to Use

Whichever system you use to email your clients the newsletter is delivered in a format ready to send.

Mobile Friendly

Designed for optimal viewing experience, the newsletter responds  automatically for every device.

How does it work?

We manage the entire process every step of the way, from start to finish.



Our design team gets straight to work preparing the ultimate look for your email newsletter using your logo and website as a reference for fonts and colours, as well as the overlook look and feel.


Our content team identifies the most suitable articles to include in each newsletter, as well as proofing and editing so your newsletter is filled with only professional, accurate content your clients will find interesting and valuable.


Armed with the design and the content, our production team gets to work adding your personal message (if provided), inserting content to the design, sourcing the best images, and testing before sending you a draft to review.


Any edits required are made to the draft and we then provide you with the email newsletter formatted to be compatible with your mailing list service provider (eg, MailChimp) with instructions and guidance on how to access it and send it to your list.

If you don't have an account for a mailing list service provider, we can set one up on your behalf and show you how to use it.


per month (inc. GST)

  • Twelve newsletters per year
  • Content and images
  • Personal message
  • Compatible with most mail systems


per month (inc. GST)

  • Six newsletters per year
  • Content and images
  • Personal message
  • Compatible with most mail systems


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Your Chiropractor has been publishing newsletters for chiropractic clinics since 2001. Our team of writers and designers are dedicated to creating a professional practice newsletter that can increase revenue and improve client relationships.

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